How To Find The Best Watermelon

Photo by Pixabay:

According to a calendar, the official start of summer is June 21. But, that date does not apply in South Louisiana. Mother Nature is already heating things up and it feels like Summer is already here.

Watermelon is a massively popular summer treat. It does not come from a factory, so there’s no consistency. Every melon is different. So, what’s the trick in find the sweetest and juiciest melon. In my experience, I usually look for a dark rich color green. Although, according to some, there is another trick in finding a tasty melon

A study conducted by Texas A & M University indicates it should also be dull. If it’s shiny, it won’t be as sweet. Check the “field spot” as well. That’s the discolored area from where it sat on the ground. It should be yellow, not cream-colored. Thump it. If it sounds hollow, it’s not very juicy. If the stem is still attached, it was picked too soon. I hope you find these tips helpful.

Bon Appetit!

Source: agrilifetoday