Don’t Make A Resolution, Make A Money Wish

Millions of Americans are deep in debt. Credit Card debt is most common. Financial guru Suze Orman has some advice for those wanting to dig their way out. Orman says to set financial goals for the new year. She stresses keeping it realistic. If you set unreachable goals, you’ll give up in frustration. Start small. Distinguish between wants and needs. Americans eat out a lot. That’s a very expensive form of entertainment. If you cut down(not cut out) on dining out, you’ll be amazed oat how much you save. Living within your means is crucial.  

Shopping for a new car? If you have to finance it for six years to afford the payments, you can’t afford that car. Use credit cards only for things that outlast the term of obligation. After a while, you’ll find more pleasure in saving money than spending it.

Source: Scripps  

Blog by Steve Wiley